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Complete the table arrangement with napkins as a small, extravagant luxury. It is a beautiful tradition that has experienced a renaissance in recent years, in more informal contexts as well.

Napkins offer extra to the table arrangement. They bring to mind life's great parties and lunches in fine restaurants and in the same way, they raise the standard at home. Use them when dining on the patio, when luncheon, or when the tea is served at the garden table. The napkins can be folded and rolled up in numerous different ways to create elegant designs. A beautifully folded napkin helps to elevate meal times to something special and makes your guests feel especially welcome and valued.

You will find napkins in many different Nordic colours and simple designs, which are carefully coordinated with our collection of tablecloths, table runners and placemats. The napkins are woven from similar yarn as our tablecloths, and they are available in various fabric with high quality being the common denominator.