Our kimonos come in a variety of designs and are sewn in the familiar materials from our textile universe: delicious cotton and top-quality linen with a soft terry lining in the warmer variant. Sheer everyday luxury that envelops you in soothing wellness from the start of your day, whether on a warm summer day or when you take your 'polar bear' dip in the icy winter sea. Pure wellness for body and soul.

The kimono is a timeless design that celebrates slow living. Today, more than ever, we have to remember to pause and make room for peace and harmony in a busy everyday life. The kimono is perfect for that, with its soft, gentle feel that wraps your body in luxury, recreating that Sunday mood and other peaceful moments where time slows down until it almost stands still. All Georg Jensen Damask kimonos have a classic unisex design.

The exclusive waffle-weave kimono is a classic in our damask collection and comes both with and without a lining. We recommend the variant with the terry lining for cool days that call for an especially warm embrace. The luxurious kimono, in an exquisite linen quality, has strong references to the historic linen weaving traditions at Georg Jensen Damask. The linen kimono features an embroidered logo on the chest as a unique detail and a hallmark of quality. Moreover, the weight of the linen makes it drape beautifully and look great on both men and women.

A kimono is an obvious choice if you want to pamper yourself as well as a perfect exclusive gift for someone who has a special place in your heart. It is a gift that adds a feel of luxury and pampering to everyday routines. For Father's Day. For Mother's Day. For your sweetheart. For the 'polar bear' who enjoys winter swimming. Or for the newlyweds who savour the feel of luxury and would just love being able to pack two linen kimonos or the lighter waffle-weave cotton versions when they go on their honeymoon.