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Round tablecloths

Round dining tables have become extremely popular over the past few years – and for good reason. Round tables are ideal in rooms both small and large, and the soft, round silhouette creates a uniquely cordial atmosphere that offers a stylish alternative to square/rectangular tables. Round tables also encourage conversations that involve the entire table, making it possible for everyone to take part and maintain eye contact with one another. This keeps the conversation going, and the round table thus serves as a gathering place for friends and family – for dinners, holidays and cosy everyday moments.

The popularity of round tables has generated huge demand for round tablecloths, and therefore we have introduced a number of our most sought-after designs in round versions.

Classic design for the round table

Whether the occasion is a dinner with friends, a wedding, a birthday or a weekday evening that calls for a little something extra, the beautifully laid table begins with a tablecloth. And whether you prefer square or round tables, we are pleased to offer stylish tablecloths that suit any occasion and instantly beautify your table setting. Add napkins from the collection in matching colours for a stylish finishing touch – or select napkins in contrasting colours and create a personalised look for your table.

Round tablecloths for all tastes

The EASTER TABLECLOTH, CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH, SNOWFLAKE tablecloth, ENGESVIK by Hand and the classic ARNE JACOBSEN tablecloth all belong to the range of Georg Jensen Damask designs for the round table. The stylish patterns are among the most popular in the collection, so they should of course also be available for the round table. The patterns have been adapted, ensuring that they fit perfectly to the table’s contours and look just as good as their square/rectangular counterparts.

The tablecloths have a diameter of 165 cm with a recommended overhang of 20-25 cm, which means they will fit tables with a diameter of up to 120 cm. This guarantees the most beautiful draping and a tablecloth that looks wonderful from all angles.

Classics on the table

Throughout our long history, there are several designs that have stood out and distinguished themselves as true classics in the collection. Timeless in both style and durability – some have even been passed down through generations. The EASTER TABLECLOTH and CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH by Bodil Bødtker-Næss are perfect examples. Both tablecloths are decorative mainstays as Christmas and Easter approach and the family gathers around the table once again.

The collection has been expanded to include round tablecloths such as the CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH and EASTER TABLECLOTH because we have found that round tables are becoming more and more popular – and because we naturally want to meet this demand so everyone can enjoy good design regardless of table shape.

In the selection of round tablecloths, you will therefore also find the round ARNE JACOBSEN tablecloth with a pattern created by the iconic Danish architect. The tablecloth was launched in 2002 as a tribute to Arne Jacobsen to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. The design was carefully selected in collaboration with Arne Jacobsen’s grandson – Tobias Jacobsen. In its simplicity, the round tablecloth continues the world-renowned architect’s impressive design heritage and creates a beautiful symmetry in a modern table setting.

The collection of round tablecloths also includes the SNOWFLAKE tablecloth and the ENGESVIK by Hand tablecloth. Two elegant round tablecloths with simple and timeless designs that will bring elegance to the table for any occasion.