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Luxury for your guests

A guest towel is both a stylish addition to your décor and a very special luxury for your guests. The soft terry feels gentle on the skin and also has excellent drying properties, which only get better over time. Qualities that your guests are sure to appreciate the next time they visit. Stylish guest towels are delightful accents to your décor and are a special gesture toward your guests. Soft guest towels in the bathroom show thoughtfulness and an eye for detail. And as a guest, it’s a pleasure to dry your hands on luxurious terry towels which have been set out specially for you.


Pamper your guests with high-quality cotton terry towels next time they’re invited over for dinner. Or treat yourself to a little extra luxury that will spread joy for the entire family in everyday life. Gorgeous guest towels also make a wonderful gift idea – for example, as an alternative to a bouquet of flowers next time you need a host/hostess gift. They also make for a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.


All our guest towels are understated and timeless in style, which makes it easy to coordinate them with your bathroom’s hand towels, bath towels, wash cloths and bath mats.

Mix and match

The guest towels in the collection are available in a wide variety of colours and coordinate effortlessly with your personal style. The large range of colours make it easy to match the hand towels with the décor in the rest of your home. Create a colour scheme throughout your home or mix and match different colours until you find your favourite combination.

If you feel like changing the look of your bathroom, your guest towels are an easy place to start. And it’s often the little changes that make all the difference. Attention to detail is part of creating a homelike atmosphere and an inviting feel to your bathroom. Guest towels can also easily be changed out to reflect mood and style – a minor change, but one that often has a big impact on your bathroom’s look.

A small tip: As an alternative to a towel hook, you may want to roll up your guest towels and set them out decoratively in a basket or on a shelf. It’s a small everyday luxury that shows thoughtfulness and creates a spa-like feel.

Terry in the kitchen

Have you ever considered that guest towels don’t necessarily have to be reserved for the bathroom? They are also ideal for the kitchen as a soft companion to the tea towel. Their excellent drying capability and practical size makes them perfect for work in the kitchen, where, just like the bathroom, there is a clear need for high quality textiles. Achieve a stylish look by mixing and matching the collection’s tea towels, kitchen towels and dishcloths and create a beautiful common theme that matches the design of your kitchen. A detail that radiates quality and harmony.

Wash and care

We always recommend soaking your terry towels in cold water for 1 hour before using them for the first time. After soaking, wash the towels at 60° C. This will maximise the absorbency of the towels from the very beginning, and the process also contributes to making the loops expand, which minimises the risk of the towels’ threads becoming snagged. We also recommend that you avoid using fabric softener when washing terry. Fabric softener forms a residue around the fibres and can reduce drying capacity.