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Whether their name starts with A, B or C, we have a towel that fits. Perfect for the family that wants a towel each, or for someone who wants to be spoiled with their own, personal design. All names are woven into our beautiful bath towel, which is available in the colours Grey and Rose in the size 70x140 cm.

Since the name towel has been launched in 1970 it has become a classic of the collection. With its exclusive cotton quality and elegant design, the name towel is a decorative addition to your bathroom and a beautiful everyday luxury for after a shower. Over time, we have learned that the name towel is a very popular gift idea which is often given to mark life's special events, such as weddings, graduations and birthdays. The same applies to a high-quality towel with a woven letter. A personal luxury that will spread joy for years to come and remind the recipient of a very special moment. And of course it doesn’t hurt that the towel comes in 100% cotton, ensuring soft, durable and strong quality.


Alexander, Emma or Julia?

Due to the great success of the name towel, we have expanded the range so the collection also includes versions with single letters. The woven letter might both stand for someone’s name, company or perhaps pet – only your imagination sets the limits. Whether the letter towel is intended for a specific person or whether is for pure self-indulgence, you are sure to have a soft and stylish design. Give it as a gift to the person who appreciates good design with a small, stylish detail – or sort out the family's towels using with individual markers.