Bedspread - soft luxury for the bed

The bedroom is one of the main rooms in the home. This is where the day begins and ends. We spend a lot of time in this particular room, aiming to relax and recharge. That is why the bedroom should be decorated with the intention of being able to pamper both body and mind, so you can easily achieve a sense of calm and well-being. A well-made bed with a beautiful bedspread is comfortable to lie on and a delight for the eye. The bedspread creates a calm atmosphere in the bedroom and dresses the bed stylishly during the daytime. Besides its decorative properties, the bedspread also provides extra warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. All bedspreads in the collection have been designed to have a long life – in terms of both quality and design. With a combination of timeless patterns and colours, bedspreads remain relevant and are easy to combine with bedlinen and pillows.

Warmth and calm with a soft bedspread

With a stylish bedspread you can easily and quickly make your bedroom neat and tidy. The bedspread lets you add a personal touch to your bedroom – and can easily be replaced when you want a new look. Often, small details help change the style of a room, and a new bedspread can quickly freshen up the bedroom. Mix and match with pillows in the same colours or contrasting colours and create your favourite look with the bedspread in the centre. That way you can quickly achieve a consistent overall look in the bedroom and a room that reflects your personal style.

In the collection you will find bedspreads in various sizes so that single and double beds can be dressed nicely. Go exploring and find your special favourite. All bedspreads are made in stylish colours that will fit into any style of decor.

Tips for using the bedspread

Apart from furnishing your bedroom with quality fabrics which are good for your comfort and your personal style, there are of course som other tips we should give you for getting the best conditions for a pleasant sleeping environment. Remember to ventilate your bedroom every day – shake the pillows and duvets so dust does not accumulate in the bed. Put the bedspread over the bedlinen, but avoid doing it before the mattress, duvets and pillows have been allowed to breathe after the night.