Damask-weave December

A classic Advent calendar

An Advent calendar with 24 small gifts is a lovely tradition, and hanging the gifts on a quilted Advent calendar crafted from satin-weave fabric makes it even more festive. Georg Jensen Damask’s light grey Advent calendar is woven from 100% linen and features small embroidered hearts and the numbers 1–24. Each date has a small metal ring to which you can attach the Advent gift. The beautiful and decorative damask-weave Advent calendar has two straps for easy hanging.


Damask-weave Christmas stocking

Nothing beats the joy of anticipation, and the Christmas stocking, satin-woven from 100% linen with small embroidered hearts and a discreet Georg Jensen Damask logo, is also lovely to look at. Quilted, monochrome and minimalist with a discreet design. Place small gifts in your Christmas stocking every day in December and watch how the holiday cheer spreads. The Christmas stocking is a modern take on a traditional Christmas stocking.


Decorate for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas is about more than just holiday decorations. It’s about inviting the Christmas spirit into every room in the home. A Georg Jensen Damask Advent calendar or Christmas stocking with a Christmas motif sends the message that December is here and Christmas is on its way. Christmas accessories in damask- or satin-weave textiles are beloved by all ages, and when stored carefully, an Advent calendar or Christmas stocking can be passed down through the generations.


Let the gifts shine

Georg Jensen Damask’s Christmas stocking and Advent calendar are available in the Christmas colour Light Grey, a lovely shade that lends the Advent calendar an elegant look. The Advent calendar and Christmas stockings are easy to integrate with your chosen decoration colours and will meld beautifully with all types of décor.