Damask-weave Christmas napkins

A decorative cloth napkin

A Christmas napkin in linen or damask-weave fabric from Georg Jensen Damask makes a beautiful addition to your table setting on Christmas Day and throughout December. There are several different versions of the Christmas cloth napkins, all of which are highly suitable for both Christmas dinner and holiday gatherings with friends and family.


Refined red napkins

Classic cloth napkins such as Plain, which is twill woven in 100% linen, and the Damask napkin woven in 100% double-twisted combed cotton will become Christmas favourites when you choose them in Christmas colours. A red Christmas napkin makes your Christmas table beautiful and atmospheric, the green Christmas napkins are reminiscent of the spruce forest and old Copenhagen, while the white cloth napkins are for those who want a formal and elegant look for the Christmas table.


Set the table for December

Whether you’re dining solo, as a couple or with the entire family, mealtime rituals are well worth cherishing. Setting the table for Christmas is an important tradition, and the same applies to December days when the festive season enters into our daily routines. Georg Jensen Damask’s Christmas napkins inspire cosy moments around the table, even if you’re only serving a single cookie, a bowl of oranges or a bowl of rice pudding.


Napkins to match your Christmas tablecloth

When setting the Christmas table, you can choose classic cloth napkins to match your tablecloth or mix Christmas colours for a modern look. If you have a damask-weave Christmas tablecloth with a Christmas design from Georg Jensen Damask, you can choose damask-weave napkins in the same holiday colour or opt for a linen Christmas napkin. Setting the table with cloth napkins is a classic tradition. The red Christmas napkins can be used every day throughout December or as a colourful detail on the Christmas table.