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The feeling of cotton Terry

The sensation of being wrapped in a soft, fluffy towel after a bath or shower is a very special luxury that fills one’s body and soul with warmth and a sense of well-being. In the collection you will find a large selection of bath towels – all in timeless colours that can easily be combined in multiple ways. All bath towels are woven in 100% cotton terry to ensure that they have superior drying properties and to give off a relaxed spa atmosphere in your bathroom. Experience the feeling of genuine everyday luxury.

A large, warm bath towel is worth its weight in gold on cold, dark winter days when a little extra care and softness is required before facing a new day. And the best towels are those that can envelop the entire body and absorb water quickly. Our bath towels are woven from 100% double-twisted, combed cotton yarns, which ensures that the towels have superior drying properties and that they add soft luxury to your mornings. A beloved bathroom classic that is timeless in both design and durability – and which can easily be matched with the collection’s other towels, guest towels, facecloths and bath mats. 

Create a spa atmosphere at home

The unique feeling of well-being that comes with a spa break is rather special. It’s as though a spa’s focus on relaxation and luxury evokes a special tranquillity which can be difficult to recapture in our busy everyday lives. With luxurious bath towels in soft terry, that spa atmosphere can quickly be recreated in your own home. Often, it’s the little details that matter most when transforming your bathroom into a wellness oasis.

All our bath towels come in the highest quality terry and are very soft and gentle on the skin. The soft terry makes it a joy to towel off after a bath or shower. But the towels need not only be practical. In fact, they can be rolled up and stacked on a shelf so that they get a place in the limelight and envelop the bathroom in a genuine spa atmosphere. The rolled bath towels do more than just evoke the feeling of a luxurious spa break – they also form an attractive element of the décor. Allow your bath towels to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Focus on pampering

Plush terry towels are a well-deserved luxury in everyday life, and our beautiful bath towels are no exception. A refined classic and an indispensable everyday luxury in everyday life, where everyone should enjoy a little self-indulgence. Our bath towels are available in a 70x140 cm size – a size that makes them delightful to wrap yourself in after a bath or shower but also an ideal choice for the beach, the pool, or a picnic. Bath towels also make the perfect gift for those who appreciate good design in the bathroom. Treat someone you love to the softest everyday luxury that’s sure to spread happiness in the years to come.

Wash and care

To get the most from your bath towels, we recommend that you start by soaking them in cold water for about 1 hour before washing them for the first time. After soaking, wash the towels at 60° C. By doing so, you optimise your towels’ drying performance from the very beginning. This process also contributes to making the loops expand, which minimises the risk of the towels’ threads becoming snagged. We also recommend that you avoid using fabric softener when washing your towels. Fabric softener forms a residue around the fibres and reduces drying capacity.