Bath Mats

Bath mats

Pamper your feet

Make your bathtime experience extra luxurious with a soft and elegant bath mat in a stylish design.  And apart from creating a sense of well-being, a bath mat is also an elegant feature of your décor. Our bath mats come in timeless colours that can be effortlessly matched with the collection’s many terry towels to create a splendid overall impression in your bathroom.

A soft surface in the bathroom is essential for absorbing water from the bath, but it is also a must for mornings when the bathroom floor can feel chilly and unpleasant beneath your feet. Most of us are familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of standing on a cold bathroom floor after a hot shower, with water dripping from our bodies faster than it can be towelled off. With a bath mat in 100% cotton terry, stepping out of the shower is always a soft and comfortable experience. At the same time, the exclusive quality of the bath mat ensures that all water is quickly absorbed so that the bathroom floor is not left wet and slippery. This ensures that the bathroom is in perfect shape for the next person who wants to use it. Make your bathtime ritual more pleasurable – pamper yourself and your feet with the softest everyday luxury that only improves with time.

A stylish bathroom

Perhaps bath mats aren’t the first things that come to mind when considering your bathroom’s décor. But actually, a bath mat can have a significant impact on the room’s atmosphere. In our collection, you’ll find a wonderful selection of elegant bath mats in stylish colours that possess functional qualities while also elevating your bathroom’s décor. All the bath mats are understated and elegant in style, which makes it easy to coordinate them with hand towels, guest towels, bath towels and wash cloths to give your bathroom a harmonious and decorative appearance. A bath mat is a stylish addition to the bathroom and one that can be quickly replaced to reflect changes in your personal style or season. For example, create contrast using a dark colour or brighten up the entire bathroom with a pure white bath mat. The bath mats are also adorned with a woven logo as a decorative finishing touch to the elegant design. Quite simply, these bath mats represent functional and stylish everyday luxury that will soon become an indispensable addition to your bathroom textiles.

Wash and care

A bath mat’s primary task is to absorb all the water that inevitably lands on the floor after you have showered. And the best bath mats are those that are highly absorbent and which dry quickly so that the floor does not become wet. To optimise your bath mat’s absorbency right from the very beginning, we recommend – as with all of our terry cloth – that you leave it to soak in cold water for about 1 hour. After soaking, wash the bath mat at 60° C. We recommend that you avoid using fabric softener when washing our bath mats because it forms a residue around the fibres of the bath mat and can reduce drying capacity. By following these instructions you will maximise the drying capacity of your bath mat, and the process also contributes to making the loops expand, which minimises the risk of the mat’s threads becoming snagged.